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"In our eight year relationship, J&O has consistently delivered quality products on time at a good price. Interdesign's business with J&O has grown rapidly as more and more products are being produced domestically and they have been able to handle enormous amounts of orders and quickly respond to stock issues with quick turnaround. I think they have well earned an award for their excellent business practices."

Doug Dunlap


"Our experience with J&O Plastics has been very user friendly. Having a reliable supplier who you can count on, both with the quality of material and consistency of availability combines for a quality experience every time."

Trevor Day

Michael Day Enterprises, LLC

J&O Plastics serves customers and vendors alike with top tier services and abilities from the Rittman location.

With excellence in production, superior quality, spot-on assembly and same-day shipping and delivery J&O Plastics keeps happy clients and customers alike.

Abilities that extend past our doors and provide excellence in service to 3 Major retailers.

Over the top dependability our customers and vendors know to expect from J&O Plastics.

J&O, a company of integrity and excellence in quality distribution.

"Excellent Business Practices"

"A Quality Experience Every Time"

"Working with J&O Plastics over the past eight years has been a very positive experience. I don't believe that I have worked with a more responsive company. Whenever we have changes to be made, or adjustments in production schedules- they always accommodate. Their service level has always been top notch! Jason does a wonderful job of working with his customers to make sure he meets and exceeds their needs! We have enjoyed eight years of success and look forward to many more with J&O Plastics."

Lisa Dietz

Erdie Industries, Inc

"Service Level has always been top notch!"