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J&O Plastics began in 1982 and by founders,Oscar and Christine Gross. J&O has been a place of constant growth and development as a 24/5 custom injection molding company. On a customer level, J and O strives to implement practices of the utmost excellence. J&O Plastics employees are developed day one into all of the different facets of the company. Employee development everyone moving forward with the pace of the company and truly encompassing a family-run company.


J&O Plastics has been a leading player in the injection molding industry for over 30 years. Family owned and operated, J&O Plastics is located in the heart of one of the worlds largest polymer regions.

J&O Plastics encompasses nearly 100,000 square feet of production and warehousing just outside of Medina County in the beautiful city of Rittman, Ohio.

"J&O Plastics has grown and settled into a lean manufacturing facility, and will continue to produce quality household goods and plastics products in industries across the board. Thirty years in any industry is something people can take pride in, and J&O is no exception. We have had to retool a few things and encompassed some harder days, but more than relevant in today's market."

J&O is very excited to announce our TELEVISION DEBUT!

The"World's Greatest" and "How2Media" have announced our television debut will be Monday February 3rd at 6:00am Eastern Standard Time on ION. (Check your local listings)

If you miss it- Ion television will be airing it AGAIN on Monday February 10th at 6:00am Eastern Standard Time.

Custom Injection molding and Eco-Friendly, are typically words rarely cast into the same sentence. J&O Plastics is an injection molding facility that  takes pride in lowering our carbon footprint on a day to day basis.

J&O plastics keeps all scrap material under 1%, but when scrap occurs, J&O ensures it does not go to waste. Either in resale to vendors for production, or a friendly ally, Medina Recycling, Inc.

In attempts at being an environmentally friendly company, J&O's low track record with recycleable material, all cardboard is baled daily. We bale cardboard in our facility, and then have the local recycling group transform it elsewhere. J&O Plastics Inc. has already mastered the art of plastics molding processing, AND now we accomplish that and lower our carbon footprint.


J&O, Making Plastic Go Green

J&O's Background

J&O Plastics has made a niche in the injection molding industry, specifically with the use of PET material. Outside of PET, J&O uses many other materials which include: SAN, Polypropelene, acrylic, ABS, Crystal Styrene, LDPE, and HDPE.

Outside of the production of finished goods, J&O holds a high capacity for assembly at any level for our customers. More specifically, J&O provides in-line assembly which provides a cost-effective way to not only mold parts, but assembly quickly in-process.

J&O Today

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